Homeopathic Vs. Ebola; Criminal Ignorance In the medical industry

By Thomas C Mountain,

AS THE deadly virus named Ebola continues to rage in west Africa there maybe homeopathic medicines that prevent and cure this disease but due to what would best  be described as the criminal ignorance dominating the medical “industry” it is highly unlikely that we will ever know if this is possible.

As far as “modern” medicine is concerned homeopathic medicines are little more than voodoo. Yet when it comes to treating the Dengue Fever virus, the largest, fastest growing infectious disease in the world until now,  which “modern” medicine can neither prevent or cure, there is a homeopathic medicine that is complete effective and safe.

Sold under the name Dembarah 2000 it not only prevents and cures Dengue Fever, it can also drive the virus out of the livers of all too many of those infected with Dengue Fever, something that dooms all such to a lifetime of recurrent bouts of the infamously nicknamed “bone break” disease (similar to what many malaria victims experience).

I know this from first hand experience as well as the anecdotal evidence provided by hundreds of other users of  the Dembarah 2000 product who have used it to prevent, treat and cure Dengue Fever infections. Many, many people die every year from Dengue Fever whose lives could have been saved if homeopathic medicines were taken seriously by the medical industry. What is to be lost in trying homeopathic medicines for treating Ebola?

Those that make homeopathic medicines describe a process of distilling the essential effectives found in many different plants and natural substances (in the case of the Dengue Fever medicine the likes of calendula, comfrey and sepia) to concentrations such as 0.25% or what they claim is a 6x potency factor.

Homeopathic medicines are not new, first developed in Germany in the mid 1800’s. Osteopathic doctors (another field that “modern” medicine tends to scorn) speak of how during the Great Spanish Flue Pandemic that killed tens of millions after WWI (another deadly virus that “modern” medicine remains terrified of) their forefathers and mothers used homeopathic medicines to successfully save most of their patients, while the best of “modern” medical practitioners of the times could only stand by helplessly as their patients died at rates of over 90%.

Today the makers of Dembarah 2000 are claiming that this homeopathic medicine can prevent and cure the ever evolving influenza as in the “bird flue”, “swine flue” or whatever the latest mutation of the age old infectious virus that kills many tens of thousands every year. Towards this claim I cannot testify, for it has been many years since I have been infected with such.

While untested, experimental vaccines are being rushed to use in treating Ebola caregivers (not enough of these new medicines are available to actually use to treat Africans dying from the virus) potentially life saving homeopathic medicines with a track record of preventing and curing other viral infections that are immediately available and which could be scaled up for mass production much more quickly are being ignored.

At least those treating Ebola victims could try these medicines on their patients, they certainly would not do any harm. Who knows, maybe thousands if not tens of thousands of African lives could be saved.

The possibility of this happening remains very remote for in reality this is just another case of criminal ignorance, committed by the so called “modern” medical industry.